Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Drive Train

The power transmission for the Cycleton One is contained in the rear swing arm. In this post I am going to explain as much as I can about the design and build processes without giving away the trade secret goodies.  I will say; however, that the motor is a custom build from Astro Flight and I was heavily inspired by this guy's electric recumbent motor set-up.

The three stage gear reduction system goes from the motor to a timing pulley, then through a jackshaft to the front sprocket and finally to the drive sprocket at the rear wheel.

The motor is fully adjustable in the mount to adjust belt tension and better alignment.
Several iterations of Masonite mock-ups were done to get the design right.
Final parts were water jet cut out of .25" aluminum and then hand milled for precision fit
A special jig was made to mill out press-fit bearing surfaces
Workin' it out
The focal point of the right side of the bike. I did run into some rubbing problems, but I think a smaller diameter timing pulley should rectify the situation.

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  1. Daniel, really impressed by the depth of this project, thanks for the inspiration and looking forward to seeing more from this project.